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As many people know; this group, #WriteRoomies, is the group page for the chatroom of same essential name: #WriteRoom which can be found by pressing this very link right here. >>… << Yeah it’s this one.

Of course many of you know of this group because of the afore mentioned chat. The two however go together; they synergise as they should, where they should. For all of this though the chat has pro’s about it that the group does not; and vice versa. Now, regular viewers of the group page might notice a few new things. We here at #WriteRoom and #WriteRoomies  hope that viewers of this group find these updates somewhat snazzy.

:bulletred: Update #1: I would like to introduce the members submissions folder. Up until now we have taken in hundreds upon hundreds of submissions. One wrong or accidental click can leave a submission where it shouldn’t be. This can cause panic for viewers and the author alike. On top of this with the amount of submissions we get in we can soon find that we have lost the accidental submission(s) in a sea of others and it is forever lost. Upon submitting to the new folder however we have a flurry of capable administrators who will categorise each submissions into the correct folder for your (the readers’) definitive viewing. While you may still submit directly to your desired folder it will not be instantly accepted and will be checked by admins before it goes through for safety sake.

:bulletred: Update #2: The critique folder. The members submisisons folder is not the only new folder to our selection however. As of the minute deviants who submit their works to our galleries and want critique have to go searching around for people to critique their work. However we aim to try and change this where possible to be of help to deviants who need it. A new folder is being created for critique. If critique is asked for in a piece (or if the deviant asks for critique but cannot access the widget) we will send the original deviation firstly to where it is needed and then create a copy of it to place in the critique folder. Critics may browse this folder freely as may all and, as the folder is promoted, helpful critique will be given to those who need it.

:bulletred: Update #3: Affiliations. Up until now it has been rare that #WriteRoomies has affiliated with other groups there, be they for whatever purpose. No group can continue to go on like this however and we understand. We are opening our doors to affiliation requests and will be sending our own requests to many groups we know out there. If you have any group you would like to see us affiliated with (it can even be your own) stick to these guidelines: 1) The group must be a literature group. 2) The group must be active and at least two weeks old. 3) It doesn’t need to be said but the group must be of a reputable nature.

:bulletred: Update #4: A celebration of literature. We have just had PE DD (Project Educate). PE DD talked about the featuring of DD’s and what it means all across the many communities of deviantART. But what if you accidentally miss the feature one day? What if you forget to see how our community is doing? Well we can and we will be hosting the literature DD’s in their own beautiful box so that you don’t miss out on your community. #WriteRoomies will actively show literature DD’s for the past week starting from Tuesday 28th of August.

As ever we will be open to all English literature you may want to submit to the group. We will not stop any of our current services (limited as they may be); we simply want to add more services to the list of what we do here for you in the literature community.

Of course on top of this we’ll try to keep you better acquainted with the writing world around all of us. Special moments on the writing calendar such as NaNoWriMo and FlashFictionMonth will be looked at with interest. Here at WriteRoomies we can keep you posted on the specific groups dedicated to these specific events also, passing on details of other groups where needed and even deviants of value to these events from time to time.

Any important messages from the chat itself will be passed on directly to the group as well. If an important rule change occurs or a change of categorising as we had only recently we will inform you. Do not worry, this is to further reiterate the services we will be and currently are holding.

UPDATE (08.09.12) :bulletred: Concerning fan-fiction. Here at WriteRoomies we love all forms of literature as many people know. With our boost for authors and their good practice towards literature we have of course been altering our folders and many policies alongside. The latest folder to be put under the spotlight is Fan Fiction. Fan Fiction is to many people a way into literature and is a perfectly legitimate source of never ending inspiration. This is one of Fan Fiction’s biggest assets. It is also one of the biggest problems. It is important to credit the owners of the franchise to comply to good practice. A significant proportion of pieces of Fan Fiction do not comply to this when being submitted to the group. As responsible deviants we can feature your work but we will only do so if you the authors give us the chance to. Please, please, credit the owner authors.

:bulletred: Upcoming competition. By the end of the end of the year WriteRoomies will have ran a wonderful competition for you wonderful wonderful members. The details of which are being worked out as we muse over this shred of information right here right now. However, to pull this competition off, WriteRoomies will need both prizes & judges. If you would like to donate to our prize fund please leave a comment underneath. If you would like to become a judge for the contest please note The-Monoblos in person. Please state why you think you would make a good impartial judge and also state your level of commitment to the idea of being a judge.
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Neiot Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The-Monoblos Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Professional Writer
what's wrong?
Malintra-Shadowmoon Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like point 1 and point 2 - the two new submission folders.

I have a question to point 3: What is a reputable nature of a group????

Point 4: I am sorry but I do not know what really to begin with :)
The-Monoblos Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Professional Writer
point 3 basically means we dont want the group to be "litfortrolls" or something
Malintra-Shadowmoon Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, so I will give it a try ^^
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