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Luxuriate in twisted exposition: take a moment to describe the beauty in something disgusting or offensive. | Absit-Invidia

Describe a mass hallucination in a surreal and dreamy manner, using first person plural | Absit-Invidia

Choose an inanimate object from your kitchen cabinet. Give it a mouth. Allow it to unexpectedly speak one morning to a child while he is preparing his own breakfast. | Absit-Invidia

Write a story from the viewpoint of a groundskeeper at the graveyard -- avoiding any of the typical trappings of the horror genre. Make it mundane, even. Avoid using speculative fiction technique at all until you get to page three. Then, if you need to jazz things up, let her rip. | Absit-Invidia

A wife suspects her husband is a serial killer when he's not. Script their argument one night when he comes home late from work. | Absit-Invidia

Craft a story around a doctor, dentist, or other health worker who secretly uses one of the job’s instruments for his or her own unhealthy pleasure. | Absit-Invidia

Introduce your viewpoint character to Insanity | Absit-Invidia

Play with cannibalism in detail: Two survivors. Adrift at sea. On a raft for days. Starvation sets in. | Absit-Invidia

There are three types of Necrophilia: necrophiliac homicide (murder to obtain a corpse for sexual purposes) "regular" necrophilia (the use of already dead bodies for sexual pleasure); necrophiliac fantasy (fantasizing about sexual activity with a corpse, without carrying out any necrophilic acts). Test your own writing limits to create something beautiful involving one of the three types. It'll be fun. | Absit-Invidia


You have died. What happens to you now? | Aindna

Write a song based on "Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum" with a random theme. Go. | Aindna

Write, or have your friend write ten random words on a sheet of paper. Now write a short story that includes each of those words at least once. | Aindna
Write a 200+ word story that consists of only one sentence. | Aindna

Write the most boring story to ever exist in the Universe. Must make sense. | Aindna


You find yourself on the chopping block, you killed you friend in a gruesom way, your tied down with no hope for escape. But as the axe is raised bullets hammer into the exacutioner and a man in a hooded robe helps you up. Write about your epic adventure with this mysteriouse man | Alainnah


What do the sirens herald? | Allysmurfy

What if you lived in a society that allowed us to walk around naked? | Allysmurfy

What if we all lived on floating disks? | Allysmurfy

Where do the dark things come from? | Allysmurfy

Can you fit a broken mirror back together? | Allysmurfy

If the world was rubber...what would you do? | Allysmurfy

If you could have one wish what would it be? And what would be the consequences? | Allysmurfy


A conversation of two inanimate objects. One is about to get eaten and the other is about to get painted. | angelStained

Think about how something visual, like a sunset, can be expressed through other senses like touch and smell | angelStained

Emotes come alive and realise how misused they are. Same for puctuation, etc. | angelStained

When Math meets English and they mess each other up. There are 13 letters and math is in base 20 | angelStained

If everyone suddenly becomes third-person. | angelStained

define a word or phrase in a whimsical way. Eg. spam = gold coins left by the pirates of wonderland. Or mouth = the broken window where teeth, like cats, peek through and your tongue's a curtain | angelStained

#transliterations | angelStained

#ScreamPrompts | angelStained

You are a virus. You're hacking into a god(dess) to change the world. | angelStained

One day, you discover everyone has to talk in rhyme. Or every time you say a word with many meanings, it never comes out the way you want. | angelStained

Describe poetry using poetry- with an extended metaphor including lines, words, stanzas. Eg. "words: footprints, lines: winding paths, stanzas: a maze". And perhaps write a reader response. | angelStained

What if you are the Internet? What happens when you have a nightmare? Or feel hungry? | angelStained

How do you convince someone who has never dreamt before that dreams aren't real? He believes they're like ghosts. | angelStained

Parts of your body are now reversed. Now, what's that in your mouth? A foot? A finger? A spine bone? A-- | angelStained

What if ideas could be passed down from generation to generation? | angelStained

Nothing can be cleaned. Not corpses. Not tearstains. Nothing, yes nothing. What happens in this world? | angelStained

Advertise Earth to aliens seeking a vacation in a foreign planet. | angelStained

Everyone thinks everything you're saying is a lie. Somehow. It's a curse. | angelStained

You meet yourself. Two options: fight or explore? | angelStained

You are trapped in Wikipedia. What's the easiest way to find your way back home- the webpage about the thing closest to yo? | angelStained

Do you like your humans bite-sized, appetizing, or a full 10-course dinner? | angelStained

You'll never sleep again. Suddenly, all those wishes of having more hours in your day sound vaguely disturbing. | angelStained

Your friends and family all are. But you're not a time traveler. Or even a dimension-traveler. You're depressed and one day decide to expose them. | angelStained

Write about falling through a pool of blood... without using horror. | angelStained

Write about no less than 20 types of food- in less than 300 words. | angelStained


You (or your character) have just been shot! Describe the pain, who shot you, and why. | Arashie-Ari


Write about a time you really wanted to kill someone. Put all of your ander into it! | Callie-Higarashi

you have been recently diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer! How do you feel, what do you do with the time you have left. | Callie-Higarashi

You have a form of genetic disease that was passed on to you from one of your parents. You don't have long to live, because unlike your parents, yours is spreading way too fast. How do you feel? What do you do? You have just under one month to live, you better start writing! | Callie-Higarashi

You wake up in the middle of a desert like place completely surrounded by angry wolves who want to rip you up and have you for dinner!! | Callie-Higarashi

You are being stalked, both online, and in real life. One wrong move, you’re dead. | Callie-Higarashi

Congratulations, it's a girl! ...on another note you run the risk of failing your high school classes. What do you do now? | Callie-Higarashi

The doctor says it's cancer. Incurable, aggressive, and growing fast. You have no family and no home to go to, what do you with the fifteen days you have left in the hospital? | Callie-Higarashi


Write a story, starting at the end, and working backwards until you reach the beginning | Cantati


Written in first person, you wake up evil. Take us through a day in the life of evil you. If you are already evil, you wake up nice. And, if you are apathetic, you way up flamboyantly gay. | ChilliumNitrate-Dead

One day, a man in a suit informs you that you have a clone. Same memories, same attitude. Only difference is the have killed thousands and want you to join them. How do you deal? | ChilliumNitrate-Dead


Research history and then try fictionalising a real event. For example Robespierre and the Reign of Terror | Cszemis

If you live in a house more than 60 years old, write a story about the first owners of your house, their lives, their hopes and dreams | Cszemis

Write a short story about 5000 words long. The whole story must be one long sentence and still be coherent and sensible. Good luck that that | Cszemis

Write a story called The King Killers. Be as gory or as historically incorrect as you like. | Cszemis

A murderer hiding his crime by digging a pit in the garden disturbs the Devil in the dark depths. The Devil agrees to hide the body in hell forever, but at what price for the murderer? | Cszemis


Write a poem about undying romance that is what you fantasize about, or dream about. Write the poem with Petrarchan sonnet.  | ErgoProxyTM

Write about Nature. Does Nature have its own being? Is Nature a God? What is Nature? What does Nature do? What is Nature mean to you? | ErgoProxyTM

Read one of Slyvia Plath's poems, and either write a reply poem or an essay what you think about the poem you just read. | ErgoProxyTM

Write about family. What was the most memorable moment you had with your family? Was it good? Was it bad? Write at least two thousand words. | ErgoProxyTM

Write about your Christmas day. What did you get? Did you get what you always wanted? Or did you get what you needed? And how was Christmas day. If you don't celebrate Christmas, what holiday do you celebrate!? We love to learn. | ErgoProxyTM

Write an essay about yourself of two thousand words without using the word "I". | ErgoProxyTM


You wake up having had your molecular structure altered by nanotechnology, thereby evolving your body and mind into the idealised state you wished it was. The world is collapsing soon, what are your latent skills? What do they become when magnified? If the very best parts of you were could you save the world in 30 minutes? | Evisceral


There is a purple monkey on your shoulder. It has a blank look on its face. What now? | Forbendon

Absit-Invidia has come to your house. Firstly, what? And second, how do you react? | Forbendon

Chronicle a game of auto-erotic roulette | Forbendon

If you've never attempted to write an erotic piece, do so now. Try to use Absit-Invidia as your inspiration, and imagine she isn't trying to kill you. | Forbendon


You misplaced the keys to your heat ray by accident.... What now? | Fynik


You or a character jump off of a very tall building in order to commit suicide because he/she feels inadequate. Suddenly, while falling, he/she has the power to fly. Sounds cool when you imagine it in your head. What will he/she do now? | Fxy

There's one penguin not quite like the rest. He's a badass and doesn't take **** from any of the other penguins. He decided he was too cool for his frozen home and decided to ditch. Write a story or poem about his epic adventure. If it's a poem, it must rhyme. | Fxy

You woke up dead. Write a humorous story about being a ghost where doing simple things like eating cereal creeps people out. Eventually, your character learns to be a ghost responsibly and uses his/her "powers" for good, and becomes recognized as a super-hero (making this happen is your problem). Make the ending totally lame and generic. | Fxy

Write a story about Clark Kent while he's completely hammered. | Fxy

Watch this video and write about one of the things you see. | Fxy


You're a dead writer and your greatest but unpublished work is being plagiarised. How do you wreak your revenge from beyond the grave? | incluye

You've woken up one morning to discover you have transformed into an enormous cockroach, how do you escape Gregor Samsa's fate? | incluye

You are Jesus’ best friend and his walking on water business pisses you off when you're trying to fish. Write about an ordinary person written out of the bible because of they "didn't add anything to the story." | incluye

"Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble." Shakespeare has gone and ripped off your spells. Do you A) Get revenge B) Decide revenge is too much effort and make up some new ones or C) Get a real job? | incluye

Write a story about a seasoned, brave commander fighting a doomed battle, but add an interesting twist to it. Some ideas: steampunk, vampires, mythology. | incluye

Write a horror story about some usually benign object that is filled with terror for a child (the narrator). | incluye


You have a knife stuck in your back, a torn pair of trousers, a half-empty bottle of water, and half a hat. You trudge home only to find your spouse in bed with another, your boiler broken, your carpet torn, your child or children on drugs, and a bird pecking at your remote control. Describe the situation in your own words and give it a conclusion of your own. | Ivanssj4


Take a cue from Mark Twain and write a short story from the perspective of an animal or insect trying to learn something about humans by observing them or by studying their possessions. | jamberry-song

Take a cue from Edgar Allen Poe and write a short story or poem about a premature burial of some kind, ala “The Black Cat,” “Fall of the House of Usher,” and “Cask of Amontillado.” | jamberry-song

Write a story or poem in which playing a musical instrument is a metaphor for sexual relations. | jamberry-song

Write a story wherein one character realizes that he or she is falling in love with his or her greatest nemesis, but the nemesis does not return the affections. What is the nature of the attraction? | jamberry-song

Check out #The-haiku-club’s list of Eastern poetic forms ( here ) and try writing a poem in one of those styles. | jamberry-song

There’s an old story about a man who dreams about being a butterfly. When he wakes up, he can’t tell whether he was a man dreaming about being a butterfly, or if he is a butterfly dreaming about being a man. Choose one or the other and write a story or poem about it. You do not have to use butterfly; it can be another insect, an animal, an inanimate object, or another person. | jamberry-song

Click on the random deviation link ( here ) and write a haiku based on where it takes you.  | jamberry-song

Write a vignette that contains at least one of the following nouns as unorthodox metaphor: toothpick, eye(ball), orange, widow’s peak, marsh, eyelash, swallow, boot, phone, bandage, shade, armoire, lamp, socket, bullet, soup, feather, dirt, bell, brush, camera, dome, fork, peel, fire hydrant, mug, bolt, parsnips, bulb, paw. Note that some of these are vague enough to allow some interpretation, and others double as verbs. Use these things to your advantage. | jamberry-song

Imagine a religion for an inanimate object or animal and write a religious poem for it in the style of John Donne. What sort of thing or things would a chair believe in, for instance? What language of praise would a mushroom use? | jamberry-song

Your character finds herself or himself in a room, but can’t remember anything before being there. Tiny details betray that the room isn’t real. What happens next? | jamberry-song

Read today’s story at 365 Tomorrows ( here ) and write a story or poem inspired by it. | jamberry-song

Two characters share a life-changing experience, but both have very different reactions to it. Write two vignettes in a stream-of-consciousness style (ala James Joyce), one from each of the characters’ perspectives, that capture their reactions to the event. You may hint at the details of the event in the narrative, but do not describe or explain exactly what happened. | jamberry-song

Write a six-word story based on one of your favorite books or movies. | jamberry-song

Take a movie, book, or story with an ending you didn’t enjoy and rewrite the ending the way you wish it had been. | jamberry-song

Write a vignette from the perspective of a character who has had a chance encounter with Death, and make it all in dialect. Example scenario: A Jamaican woman spots the grim reaper staring at her between booths in a fish market, and tells a wild story about how she escaped. Be creative! | jamberry-song

Shakespeare wrote, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” Your task is to write a sonnet comparing someone to something else. Try to make it unorthodox and creative! (prompt added by jamberry-song) | jamberry-song

Take a cue from Jonathan Swift and write a short persuasive essay where your character or a historical figure describes a bogus invention as a way to better the world. The invention does not have to follow rules of reality or logic; it’s a make-believe, like Benjamin Franklins imaginary pills that were supposed to make peoples’ farts smell nice. | jamberry-song

Take a cue from Jonathan Swift and write a story about a character who finds herself or himself in an fantasy land. The people that she or he discovers there must have some quality or trait that is a commentary on contemporary society. Another example is Dr. Seuss’s “Sneetches.” | jamberry-song

Two soldiers are wounded in a battle. As they lie dying on the field, it begins to rain. They are able to find shelter, but in the process discover that they are from opposing sides. What happens next? Does one wait for the other to fall asleep in order to kill him or her? Do they decide to hell with the war and desert together? Do they die in each other’s arms? Do other soldiers find them together? Write a story based on this scenario; you can choose any ending you like and it can take place either in a past war, in an imagined future, in an alternate history, or in a fantasy world. | jamberry-song

Write a story or poem in which the symptoms of a disease are metaphors for how one character feels about another. | jamberry-song

Write a series of four linked haiku, one for each season. | jamberry-song

Write an autobiographical vignette or poem, but without using the following pronouns: I, she, he, it, we, they. | jamberry-song

Write about an important event as it is witnessed by a piece of furniture present at the time. For example, a table in Independence Hall during the signing of the Declaration; Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. | jamberry-song

Choose a prompt from this list ( here )and write both a poem and a story. Each piece must interpret the prompt in a different way. | jamberry-song

Browse this collection ( here ) and write a story or poem based on a piece that inspires you. | jamberry-song

Teaching and studying the works of others are sometimes the best ways to learn. Visit #Critique-It and write a critique or long critical comment on one of the pieces featured or linked on its main page. | jamberry-song

Check out today’s picks at *DailyLitDeviations and write a poem or story inspired by one of the pieces. | jamberry-song

Check out Wikipedia’s page on personality disorders ( here ) and write a story or poem from the perspective of a character with one of these disorders. | jamberry-song

Write a poem or story about a socially awkward character who observes others through the lens of his or her chosen occupation. For example, a cook might try to understand others by observing what and how they eat. A dentist might always be watching peoples’ mouths as they speak.  | jamberry-song

Write a comedic story about a nosy couple who are trying to figure something out about their new neighbors. | jamberry-song

Take a cue from Gabriel Garcia Marquez and write a story about something fantastical, but make it as realistic and probable as possible. For inspiration, check out Marquez’s short stories “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” ( here ) and “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World” ( here ). | jamberry-song

Take a cue from Vladimir Nabokov’s “Wingstroke” and write a story about a character with a deep dark secret that gives her or him some kind of power over others, whether it be sexual, spiritual, political, artistic, etc.; the secret must be so morally or philosophically wrong that, if people knew of it, they would thrust this character out of society, maybe even going so far as to execution her or him for it. | jamberry-song

Take a cue from Thomas Mann’s “Death in Venice,” in which ripe strawberries symbolize the character’s virility and overripe/rotting strawberries signify his imminent demise. Write a story in which food betrays the protagonist’s inner moral standing. | jamberry-song

Try your hand at writing an action scene where an automobile and shattered glass are involved. Speed up the pace by using verb-driven language. Check out this resource for more tips. | jamberry-song

Have you ever heard of #Based-On-A? It’s a dA lit group for pieces based on true stories. Try writing about an event or experience in your childhood as though you and the other participants were fictional characters. | jamberry-song

Try writing a very short flash fiction that takes place in a single setting. Basically, writing a scene in prose form. Check out #Vignettophiles for examples. | jamberry-song

Do you know about #MythMash? It’s a dA lit group for people who love writing and rewriting mythology! Try explaining a natural phenomenon, such as lightning or the tides, by writing a myth about its origin. It can be a poem or prose. | jamberry-song

If you've ever read "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson ( here ), you know that she took something mundane and twisted it, perverted it until it was something evil, something distasteful to be feared. Take any popular contemporary holiday and one or more of its associated rituals and write a horror story about it gone awry. An example might be radioactive eggs for Easter. | jamberry-song


Sarah Palin gets elected president of the U.S. of A. sometime during 2012. Describe how she changes the nation/planet with her practically endless political wit. | j00ed

This prompt actually contains a hidden message that, when deciphered, leads to previously unknown biblical apocrypha. | j00ed

Imperial fleet 7 stumbles upon a 3D projection of a Calabi-Yau manifold somewhere around Alpha Centauri. Intelligences of suspicious nature appear to inhabit its innards. Write an epic piece of existential metaphysics centred around this. | j00ed

Welcome to the Cosmic Interpreter, where your conscious and subconscious thoughts shape the physical world surrounding you. Write a piece revolving around your characters making sense out of their cognitive non-sensicality by making use of an untrustworthy narrator. | j00ed


Someone you know well online you have just found out is a really famous movie star discuss the implications this would have on the way you treat this person | lamat


The main character is being interrogated for a crime. Whether they committed said crime doesn't have to be determined. Focus on interaction between the main character and the one doing the interrogation. The more severe the interrogation the better. | Marlesque

Nothing is what is seems. Write a story around a childhood memory or game that is much darker than it seems, or vice versa. | Marlesque


Write a poem concerning the clash of Global Warming and Global Freezing. | MarukiKonkuro

Write a short story about the crash of society and parenting. | MarukiKonkuro

What if trees were pencil sharpeners in the shape of sharks? | MarukiKonkuro

What if tears were yellow acidic ketchup?  How would society cope? | MarukiKonkuro

You're stranded on a deserted island with nothing but a cheese grater.  A talking tiger wants the cheese grater and another talking tiger wants it as well, offering to buy it from you for bones. | MarukiKonkuro

You're an eighty six year old woman with the body and strength of a twenty year old!  You've only got a year to be this way.  Write about your experiences. | MarukiKonkuro


Take a national hero of your native country. Any random one. Now place that national hero in a strange mysterious land and document their thoughts on how they try to get back to their homeland in the form of a journal or diary. FOR EXAMPLE: Napoleon in Valhalla, Albert Einstein in Tir na nOg or even Queen Victoria in Wonderland. | Morianrhod

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