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Describe a life-or-death game of rock, paper, scissors. | ninjababy


Essay prompt: "What is mathematics?" Your gut reaction may be "the science of numbers" but consider parts of mathematics like geometry, mathematical logic, topology, set theory, etc. These have little to nothing to do with numbers. Write an essay about what mathematics is. | operx


You find yourself in a room... | Paelaer

You're stuck in a room with a talking potato. | Paelaer

Your character sits in a restaurant, and is suddenly asked by a waiter if he/she would like soup or salad. Describe the inner conflict and the actions the character takes before answering the question. | Paelaer

You find yourself driving down a road one day, and you stop and ask a local for directions to the nearest inn. What you do not realize is that this local has the most outrageous accent, and speaks entirely in a dialect that sounds like absolute nonsense. | Paelaer

You were the average kind of guy... at least until the satellite triggered the deadly Necrovirus and took away everything you ever knew. You find yourself alone upon a ravaged stone you once called "Earth", surrounded only by the ruins of what you once called home and millions of undead ghouls. Describe what you go through, and whether or not you find any survivors. Sacrifices must be made. | Paelaer

Take your favorite TV show and rewrite it in such a way that the plot is drastically changed from the original. If you need help with such a thing, click here. (take a long, hard look at this.) | Paelaer

The last hope of the entire nation rests upon the shoulders of one clueless penguin... | Paelaer

You sell propane and propane accessories. | Paelaer

( Clicky. ) Sometimes, you just need to imagine harder. | Paelaer

You kill yourself, and find yourself in hell. A deceased inspiration and/or fictional character of yours comes to guide you through (sort of like Virgil guiding Dante through) the layers so that you may ascend the mountain of Purgatory into Heaven. | Paelaer

You go out on a mission to assassinate former United States president George W. Bush with the help of three celebrities! Choose your actors wisely, because one of them has to get shot down. :3 | Paelaer

Your character is an abused youth who somehow acquires two meals in the same week. What is this meal, and what does it symbolize? | Paelaer

You are a child's imaginary friend. | Paelaer

Congratulations, your baby girl has just turned 14 and just started her damnable period! It's up to you to go to the store and buy some freaking tampons with your obnoxious, prepubescent son at your side! What goes on at the drugstore stays in the drugstore, amirite? | Paelaer

You or your character are strapped to a chair and forced to watch the animated Titanic movies on eight screens simultaneously. Describe the torture he/she goes through while watching. | Paelaer

You fall down a flight of stairs and hurt your schmegege. Now, define schmegege. | Paelaer


Your main character is cursed with a deadly consequence for showing and feeling emotions, write about this characters life going through the life time events that would evoke the most emotion. (prompt added by Phoenix-Utashima) | Phoenix-Utashima


Your town's being overrun by vicious insectoid aliens, who use illusions to disguise their true nature. They're using all of your friends as nurseries for their carnivorous larvae, and they just captured you too. What do you do? | Prowl71

You're a were - but not the dumb savage bloodthirsty kind they portray in the movies. There you are, minding your own business, running through the woods in animal form, having a relaxing evening - and a farmer comes out with a shotgun... | Prowl71

You're an archaeologist, touring a newly-discovered bunker from the 3rd Reich. It's filled with all manner of interesting gizmos, and no one's figured out what they're for yet... when suddenly, there's a blue flash of light, and Hitler himself is now standing in the room along with some of his staff. | Prowl71

You took the wrong job, chummer. The bomb they put inside your head to ensure your cooperation is ticking, and the only guy with the code to disarm it is lying in a bloody heap on the floor. You flagged the guy that killed him, but you still have no idea who was behind the hit... so now you've got a briefcase with a million dollars, data worth a lot more than that, and a warm, comfortable gun snuggled up to your side inside your jacket. ... along with only a day or so left before the bomb blows. | Prowl71

You've got schizophrenia. The meds really help with the voices in your head, and help you tell the difference between fiction and reality, but this ONE VOICE just won't go away. It seems so different from the rest... and the things it tells you just don't seem like the sort of stuff your own brain would normally make up. What if it's real? | Prowl71

You're driving an ancient muscle car with a few hundred extra horses under the hood. It's got plenty of go, and not enough whoa. Unfortunately, when you put the throttle all the way to the floor, passing that car, the linkage decided to stick, and you can't let off. This is going to be quite a ride... | Prowl71


What do you do when you realize that the mental wards actually house the SANE people? The psychos are all in power and creating havoc and war, nuclear apocalypse is imminent and you are still typing in your apartment. What happens? | Rakshiel-MoGaidren

Inspection in 2 minutes. Your sword is practically blunt, your room is strewn with your worldly possessions and your mattress has been glued to the ceiling. What happened, and how do you explain this? | Rakshiel-MoGaidren


You suddenly find yourself stuck in the early 1800's. This probably means no running water unless you were wealthy. But guess what, you're middle class! No electricity. This means no iPods, no Facebook. You couldn't tweet about who was to be hanged, or meebo about when thieves were invading. No checking the liberty Bell Ltd.'s website for schedules and maps to California. So... How would you react to this? You have a whole day, so you better do something. | SamuelLex

Listen to this in its entirety, then write about how it made you feel. | SamuelLex

You're an evil sorcerer or sorceress. A team of three elite, super buff lizard warriors just kidnapped and ambushed three children for you. They did an EXCELLENT job. But you don't want to pay them. They realize this and soon turn nasty, eyes aglow. You have to come up with a reason WHY you won't pay them "yet", and you'd better do it fast! That large on on the left looks hungry!! | SamuelLex

Wanna dance? Listen to this! Now write about yourself in a situation like this. You're in Mexico in the 1900's and you need to impress a boy/girl. Gentlemen, that means you're a Charro! With the pants and the shirt and the huge brimmed hat! Ladies, that means you're wearing that huge dress with the colorful... colors! And the ribbons! Don't forget the ribbons! | SamuelLex

Listen to this and write about how this makes you feel. Or, listen to it and close your eyes.... then write about what you see. | SamuelLex

Listen to this. A beautiful woman in a golden sari is playing a violin, with ribbons sparkling in the sunlight streaming from her bow. Her playing emits a powerful energy that can be felt from all around... How does this make you feel? | SamuelLex

You're walking in a jade green field that smells of sage and eucalyptus, when suddenly black clouds overshadow the horizon Rolling thunder crackles from all around, and a raging wind slaps you in the face nearly knocking you to the ground! What is causing this? Why? | SamuelLex

You are on a top secret mission... Be careful, and observe carefully! Write about your journey. | SamuelLex

You are living in a beautiful retro household! You're going to entertain some friends of yours.   This sets the mood. What does your house look like? Write a short story or poem. | SamuelLex


At your mother's funeral, your receive a letter from someone claiming to know where your grandfather-- previously believed to be dead-- is hiding and states he is responsible for your mother's death. How do you proceed? | soldoutactivist

Write a story about that one time russianroulette/rr actually killed someone. | soldoutactivist

You wake to find yourself free-falling; you've fallen out of a jet. What do you dwell on in the minutes before you hit the ground? | soldoutactivist

You're an alien on vacation on a foreign planet called Earth. You've just been mugged and the cops won't help you. What do you do? | soldoutactivist

You realize, suddenly, you're a black hole. | soldoutactivist

Write down a crazy dream you've been having the last few days as prompts. | soldoutactivist

Regardless of your religious belief, you are God's spouse. | soldoutactivist

You just finished watching the movie Inception. Wait, you're in a dream trying to inept that you never saw the movie. Wait-- | soldoutactivist

Write a crazy manifesto about how the government is using sodium to brainwash the masses. Then send it to your local newspaper. | soldoutactivist

You look in the mirror and realize you are Roy Schneider. Enjoy. | soldoutactivist

Shooting yourself in the face will save the world. You have two minutes to consider your options. | soldoutactivist

You are suicidal, but you don't want to go out with a whimper. You decide to rob a bank; death by cop. Only you've just escaped the bank and the cops... with millions in your duffel bag. | soldoutactivist

Write a crazy manifesto about how the government is using sodium to brainwash the masses. Then send it to your local newspaper. | soldoutactivist


Write a story including a pair of scissors, a panda, and a dragon. | SpearHawk

Write about what goes through the mind of a child's imaginary friend | SpearHawk

Your character was thrown into a war for no apparent reason. the character gets arrested for deserting, and sent to the front lines. what now? | Thatguy-Ovurthurrson

your powered armor has one hour of power left. you are stuck a good 4 hours from the nearest base. what will you do? | Thatguy-Ovurthurrson

Insanity is slowly gaining. in your moments of lucidity, you have to find a way to save your daughter. | Thatguy-Ovurthurrson

Write a deep involved story, then add questionable content's yelling bird at the end. in other words, "AND THEN THEY ALL FUCKED." | Thatguy-Ovurthurrson


You are a chicken sent back in time to kill Bob the builder. | TheFoxWaits


Squirrels, yes squirrels. The furry little critters, red and grey and killing each other. Recently though they have been fighting a war against the pigeons of the world, going so far as to Kamikaze bomb them from trees. The war between these two creatures, mainly considered vermin is your task to document as the sole thought of it takes up your entire mind. | The-Monoblos

Tomorrow you go to your death, a battle of unbelievable odds surmounts against you - so much so that cannot win. | The-Monoblos

An ancient magical power festers in the heart of the earth, long since forgotten in years many ages past only one man(/woman) can possibly battle this. | The-Monoblos

underneath the sea lie's something so fierce even the greatest of hunters dare not attack its lair; a Kraken. The underwater denizens live in its shadow as do you, a man(/woman) as good as dead for a murder you did not commit | The-Monoblos

You know, if you were gullible I'd doubt you would still believe tanks are made from cheese. If you were REALLY gullible though I bet you'd go out and write about the end of the world to get a pet dragon off me. | :devThe-Monoblos


Armed only with 17 marshmallows and a ukelele you are attacked by a clan of MoTown influenced bears. Describe your plan of action. | theneongreensage

Write a, 1000 word minimum, dialog in which one character can only respond with various inflexions of the same single word. | theneongreensage

Last time on "CSI: My Little Pony", after Appleblossom murdered Princess Sparkles... | theneongreensage

Since writing on restroom walls is done neither for critical acclaim, not financial rewards, it is the purest form of art. Discuss. | theneongreensage


You are deeply enveloped in a book, loving every word, every page. You’re reading a very action, passion, lust filled chapter in the middle of the book, and as you turn the page you are dumbfounded, you find no more words, or chapters, just hundreds of blank pages, write a poem, short story or whatever, about how you feel, or how you would solve this problem. | xpoeticsoulx

Listen to this And write a poem or story of the first thing that comes to mind, how it makes you feel , or something it makes you reminiscent of, or see while hearing it. | xpoeticsoulx


A sandwich walks into a bar. the bartender says, "we don't serve food here." the sandwich is sad because it lives in a racist society. it goes home and writes a paper on social inequality, and eventually starts a revolution of sandwiches against racism. then it gets moldy and has to be thrown out. | zephyrtronium

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