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WriteRoomies is a Literature Group that embraces all forms of the written word with no particular focus in any one area.

The chatroom #WriteRoom and it's subsequent group WriteRoomies were both founded by aughters, formerly incluye. Though he is no longer with us, his Literature Chat and Group Legacy live on with the aid of the Administrators and Moderators.
Founded 5 Years ago
Oct 1, 2010


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Happy Holidays Members,

NaNoWriMo and Thanksgiving have come and gone and December brings in that festive holiday time what with the snowflakes and the hot cocoa- and the bad sweaters. And to usher in that spirit of giving here comes a bucket of favorites from November! For realsies, there are quite a few. Hope your holidays are filled with fond memories!


Aphelia Plays a Game    Aphelia stood alone in the dusk of an enormous battle. Armies of darkness and light had crashed into each other, leaving behind a field of ashes. The war had gone on for ages now, and there was still no clear winner. Her army was a fraction of its original size, her offensive divisions all but wiped out. All that remained was a small but determined line of defense guarding the seat of her kingdom.
    On the other side remained only a handful of men, but they were expertly positioned- encircling what was left of her offense. She winced as she watched him destroy her last fortress. He was the King of Darkness- calculating, resourceful, and deeply sadistic. But she was the White Queen, noble and strong. This was not their first battle, and it would not be the last.
    Any minute now, the darkness would be bearing down upon her. But that was just what she wanted. If he got close enough, her defense could take the brunt of the attack, allow
Winters Academy - Chapter TwoChapter Two: First Victim
You only live once - but if you work it right, once is enough.
- Joe E. Lewis
I didn’t get much sleep, I often wondered if it was my medication that stopped me from sleeping – but then I have to keep telling myself that the medication I take stops me from dreaming and gives me peace of mind. I got up and went into the bathroom, my hair was a mess, and I’ve seen better looking haystacks.
“Eva, you really need to start tying your hair back before bed.”
“Shut it, I.D.” I gave a sour look to the mirror – but it only smiled back at me, like I wouldn’t be angry,
“Don’t be mean to me. You haven’t even spoken to me for almost three whole days.”
“I just didn’t feel like talking.”
“I thought I was the only one you can talk to.” She gave me an innocent glance, a very sincere one.
“You are, and starting now, I’ll never ignore you again.”
Separation    He found me sitting by myself in the darkening classroom, gazing out the window at the rain clouds that were slowly taking over the sky and the dying, golden rays that cut through them probably made my silhouette look like a shadow to him as he entered.
    I heard him open the door, recognized his footsteps and the way he set his bag on the table. But I didn't turn around. I wondered if we would ever recover, if we'd be the same. He crouched in front of me.
      "Let's have dinner together," he suggested trying a smile and I took note of how the light subtly changed the colour of his brown hair and made his eyes shine, radioactive. I felt their power in my chest like a lump. He'd changed.
    I nodded silently and we pressed our palms together in the air. His hands. They were still delicate, frail but his skin was rough because of volleyball.
      "Do you remember the la

Contributes by: fmrichter, miwaoftheunknown + necropoetus

Chapter 1 - A Chance to LiveThe sunlight dwindles in the evening, casting out its' last glows like sparks in the growing darkness that follows. Watching the men from the village light the torches ablaze in comparison seemed almost like a cruel sort of joke. The mother dragon had put up quite a fight in the day, but even that was winding down. With her eggs all taken, she had done little except ask for her children to be spared. With only a dim flicker of hope remaining in her dark blue eyes, even that was to be squashed, with a quick flick of the wrist. Her head was lobbed clean off and the men who held her sprayed with her blood, even as they dragged both it and her body away.
The mens' lack of mercy was to be the memory of the executions for a young woman watching, her first view of the public spectacle. Her soft green eyes were drawn to a crunching sound, only to see a man raise a hammer in time to watch it take away another unhatched dragon's life. As an egg rolled to her feet, whether by fate or chance only,
A Monstrous Romance - PreludeDocument 1
Fragment of a letter from “The Lesser Man” to “My Brother Galfridus”
Date estimated early 12th Century
Translated as accurately as possible from the original faulty Latin
Three days hence we shall arrive in the lands of our sister Columba. I shall write again at our arrival, but this I shall send ahead, because much of what we came to see, we have seen already, and because the farther we go, the greater becomes my fear that these missives will be intercepted.
Brother, I do believe that our sister Columba and all of her household must be dead. A kingdom of blasphemers has risen here, and its blight can be easily seen. I do not know how this could have happened without our hearing of it. The people live in such great fear that they have no hospitality for strangers. Our party sleeps in the open, and in the night, we have heard such cries and howls that I am convinced that Demiourgos has made his h
BV38 I'm the What?
Alright. Okay. This is interesting. The day started off weird. There was that whole pirate raid thing. Ended up blowin' up in our faces. Lost our fleet. Lost our captain. Almost lost our lives. It was weird; I'll give you that. But no weirder than me bein' a space pirate.
I'm sittin' here in my pirate room, on my pirate bed, on this pirate spaceship, with this pirate crew. Good bunch of people.
We got Rutra an' Kal-Artang standin' in front of me.
Rutra's twitchy an' eager, like he jus' can't wait t'hear my reaction. The twitchiness might actually be from him bein' a walkin' talkin' wasp dude, but whatever. The bottled up excitement's there.
Kal is jus'—kinda hard t'get a real solid read on him with the whole stoic thing he got goin' on, but—he's not as eager as Rutra. His arm is out extended, motionin' t'the folks behind him. He looks at me in anticipation. His eyes are locked. His breathin' is constant. He's waitin' on me t'react before reactin' himself. I think. Maybe. I

Contributed by: Ayusme, QuiEstInLiteris + NeoPaladinOfLight


Trident's BlackMultiples of crow foot tracks
Hills alive and burrows bred
Here there crawls the winged prey
Fed a healthy lamb of I
Crimson in the trident blades
Laid to husband reach of wave
While a watcher watches rack
Stilled into the silent I
Junction for the membrane cask
Roll into the dell and bask
The amber dark with mulling pray
Fed a healthy lamb from I
Numbers for the threes in claw
Turn their winged sets of maw
Murk through witch and wavered word
Calls the silent lamb am I
Burbles with a scald of chill
Ochre now a silhouette
Lands beyond the sunken tail
Fed a healthy lamb of I
Fingers on the hilt of dags
Cloven by their feathered crags
Here the heralds under sill
Claim the silent lamb of I
Down WallsCastles on down peaks I wear
Grey but warm
Flakes of cherry stems outside
Stale but there
As stripes entangle bowing limbs, left to waist my time
Grey but there, as there is warmth to mine
Tangles in my shaven hair
Falling from the grey
Etches in the candle flame
Missed and fair
As stripes encode the language lines, shrivelled through this vein
Grey but there, as there I lost my mind
Sunken shade, as once my waiting whiled
Grey for what I had to share
Walls to wish their flight through wild
And I was left behind
Chasms in my looking glass
Falling from these rooms
As once my waiting came to pass
Grey but there, and I was left with mine
Ice SailsWhere was the simile
The banister I left bare
Laurels of poppy seeds
And their nevermore
Where waves came crashing by
I felt their rumbling rancor
Now nothing speaks to me
With their nevermore
Tickles of memory
Came crawling from their splendour
I hear them now and see
Just my nevermore
Cold climes have driven far
And ice now takes my corded voice
I watched before I had the choice
To figure out my nevermore
Where went our rivalry
That quickened ships we harbour
You took yours through the cold
And left her
Left my nevermore

Contributed by: Monocephalized

Angels Never DieAngels never die… Angels never die…
They’re always down to ride and fly when they’re by my side
Right or wrong they’ll hold me down till the day I die
And when I fall they pick me up and lift me to the sky
she broke records and i broke vinylsi.
he eats at one in
the morning, trying
to get over his midnight
cravings; all the money
he spent that week went down
his esophagus and through his
stomach, left to digest in the
aftermath of his deconstruction
the doctor told him
to start dieting, to
eat healthier foods or
to just drink water when
he was hungry:
the man disregarded the
orders given to him and
later died that evening
from his body giving up
on him.

Mother of the ForestIn Spring all the birds sing
A melody with such a familiar ring
In Autumn vibrant flowers wilt
Yet the leaves make the ground a beautiful quilt
In Winter the land is locked in a freezing cold embrace
Yet the plants below the snow struggle to burst free in grace
Then comes Summer
The sun watches over as the animals abound
Nature sighs with a hypnotic sound
Yet above it all, a single hill bears a crown
A royal tree whose shade puts the rabbits to rest  
Its branches a cradle for a fledgling nest
Come Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall
The Tree stands resiliently ever tall
Above the clouds it seems to fly
The only season it knows is a wide open sky
Love you Mom

Contributed by: justakid93, DalekCaanII + NefariousSchemes

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