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WriteRoomies is a Literature Group that embraces all forms of the written word with no particular focus in any one area.

The chatroom #WriteRoom and it's subsequent group WriteRoomies were both founded by aughters, formerly incluye. Though he is no longer with us, his Literature Chat and Group Legacy live on with the aid of the Administrators and Moderators.
Founded 5 Years ago
Oct 1, 2010


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1,573 Members
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Hello Members,

Hope your Spring Equinox was a pleasant one. And Holy-oh my gracious, was March an incredibly productive month. There are a lot of deviations being spotlighted, too. You guys know the drill by now, yeah? The following deviations are pieces submitted to the WriteRoomies Group in the month of March.
Oh, remind me to remind you about April's writing events: Camp National Novel Writing Month and National Poetry Writing Month. Let's get on with business.

Clockwork HeartI want someone to reach into my chest
and take apart my heart.
I want them to deconstruct the gears
and the wheels and the screws.
I want them to take me apart so fully
that I cannot put my own self together
then I want them to examine each gear
each cog and wheel
that makes me who I am
and I want them to kiss each and every piece
every fragment of who I am
and I want them to love each and every piece.
And then I want them to reassemble me
and put my heart back together
and I want them to leave out the bad pieces, the broken ones
to fix, with glue or a welding gun
and I want them to re-start my heart.
It Will Be.When I was little
I used to think
My ice cream wouldn’t melt at night
Because it was colder,
So when it did,
I was surprised.
It took me a while to realize
That this was because
We humans are
(Our blood is made of liquid suns)
I never really understood why
We huddled in the cold in my first year of soccer
But maybe that was because I wasn’t close enough.
I never understood why the blankets couldn’t keep me warm,
But maybe that was because they weren’t
And now do I wonder why
Two lovers embrace each other in the night
And I wonder how they can endure the stifling heat
Of each other’s bodies,
Tangled in sheets
And pressed close;
Maybe it is because I don’t understand love.
But I understand you,
Or at least I think I do,
Because when our tears mix they must both be hot.
We are lovers of each other
But not in the popular way;
I love you like the sun wants the moon
To reflect her light,
And I love you
Like God wants the truth
To reflect from
SpringWinter is gone; Spring is here,
And with it comes much needed cheer.
Around us the earth shows signs of new life;
In the season of Spring, there is joy, not strife.
The once frozen creation is now at ease,
A warm breeze comes whipping through budding trees.
The deer awake and coddle new young,
Every robin and bird has a song to be sung.
Clouds in the sky bring rain to grow new plants,
And once again the crickets begin their mellow chants.
In Spring God unveils His glory,
As all around us, His creation tells its story.
Soon the seasons will shift and Summer comes in its stead,
Carrying on the legacy Spring has led.

Contributed by: TheCheshireTabiKat, PoeticEden and Zeagle7

this one isn't a metaphori balance a cigarette between my teeth,
she, a trapeze artist over a netless city.
my tar-lunged mistress caresses my skin
with smoky fingers. we are dancing across
the rooftops, spinning through a death
defying tango. she is fiery temptation
and i cannot resist burning with her.
Yaoi Complex Prologue  Two girls sat layed sprawled out on the couches in their living room. They were quite different in appearance. The one almost asleep had long feathery black hair with frost-blue tips. A dress style that could only be described as sloppy and lazy, eyes storm gray with a glare to match most days. The other who was bouncing due boredom had short silver hair the color of moonlight with blue streaks. Jade green eyes full of limitless energy, and a love of clothes that could only be called lolita, causing many males to fall for her at first glance. They did have a couple things in common such as they were both short at a height not exceeding 5’3” were both sixteen years old, and were eagerly waiting for the new year’s festival only a day away. All preparations complete for the next day they sighed in sync, boredom weighing on their minds.
  Finally Airi couldn’t take the silence anymore. She bolted upright and stared hard at Haruka who wa
The Journey Earthbound [Chapter 1]    Ashe never once thought that she would ever watch her brother get torn into so unforgivingly with such surgically precise knives. The only light in the otherwise dim operating room was shining on her brother’s body that was currently strapped onto the table. His fingernails clawed at the metal beneath his body; the only thing holding in the strangled sounds of his screaming was a cloth gag. Blood splattered the clean metal arms of the machine that had cut into his chest as a round drill began carving out a shallow cavity in his sternum. The high pitched whirring of the drill grated against her ears. The smell of blood tainted the stale air.  She felt weak, held up only by the strength of the two guards at each side of her who forced her to watch the event. Ashe looked on wide-eyed as a metal setting was placed into the new crater in her brother’s shaking body, and into that a black stone was placed.  For a brief moment the dark stone glowed with a wa
Contributed by: d-e-l-e-t-e-d, kiba4802 and CADWO

The hues of lifeLife begins as a blank canvas,
until we start sketching our
moments of youth.
That is perhaps why we see all our memories
in black and white.
Life continues; it's richest,
most bittersweet and cringeworthy events
at a streak.
Adolescence, painted in colors of passion
and bright ardor.
Life, gradually summing up to its
final version of the painting.
We paint the new people we bring.
And sometimes, we run out of colors
to draw the people we lose.
Life, no more than a
color-coded series of events.
We're given everything to draw it to our preference.
And when in an artist's block,
you just have to look at the big picture.
Part Four: Advent of the soul stonePower rose like music inside me vibrating with an invigorating beat building to an apogee. It rose like an elixir of euphoria dominating my sensory system lifting my body. Even from this great height I saw it, felt it, watched it begin to rise then the ground raced towards me, breadth and water rushed and spluttered from my mouth, a viscous slow flow that dimed the stone's white glow, a strange gules hue inclining to black upon the unseen unfelt surface, not water, no, blood, my blood.
Shock leaped up like a great wave but was expeditiously overpowered by the agonizing fire that erupted in my head and beneath my rib-cage, no in it, burning through my skin as again my body was involuntarily levitated from the ground. Strangling dead fingers gripped my neck such that my gaze was forced to look down into malefic white eyes. The collective spoke:" Your endeavors are futile soul bearer. We will remove your soul then the stone, dominion will be ou
The Flawless ForestWhen I lay my head on a pillow I Dream of both oak, Ash, and Willow,
A perfect forest filled with streams, but I know this place is only a dream,
I wish to travel there every night to gaze upon the blissful moonlight,
It melts away thoughts of tomorrow, distilling hateful deeds and sorrow.
It is my place that on one can take and I have mirth until I awake,
In the forest deep with mottled bark is were I'm most content with the dark,
Phantoms cannot penetrate this world. It is protected by Brownies and Sprites,
Satyrs blow wind-pipes, music unfurled for the stars of this place is the light.
The flawless forest where every crow larks, a perfect forest hidden in dark...

Contributed by: SerenityStars, michaelhardcore13 and TalesOvWoe

I Visited A Mosque    A Thursday night; my friend and I had just gotten back after a disappointing night. We had planned to go see a play, but we were late so they didn’t let us in. On our way back, we decided to stop by a nearby mosque, since he had missed one of his daily prayers in order attend the play, he wanted to make up for it. I decided to tag along; I had my DSLR on me, so I figured I might get some good shots there.
    Upon entering, one of the first things I noticed was just how friendly everyone was. While taking off my shoes at the entrance (they don’t allow shoes in the worship area), we were quickly greeted by a complete stranger, a bearded man in his 40s or 50s, in fact – at first I thought my friend was already acquainted  the guy based on how they greeted each other. The stranger turned back to me and ask if I was new. I put on a shy smile and told him it was my first time ever being at a mo
Dancing GraveDeath is a gentleman.
He tips his hat
and politely 
offers me a dance. 
It would be a pleasure.…
Contributed by: DylanSeto and PinkyMcCoversong
Couldn't find a way to thumb-ify that last deviation. Whatevs.

Thank you for contributing to our group and allowing us to enjoy your deviations.
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