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WriteRoomies is a Literature Group that embraces all forms of the written word with no particular focus in any one area.

The chatroom #WriteRoom and it's subsequent group WriteRoomies were both founded by aughters, formerly incluye. Though he is no longer with us, his Literature Chat and Group Legacy live on with the aid of the Administrators and Moderators.
Founded 5 Years ago
Oct 1, 2010


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1,654 Members
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Hello Members and Happy Halloween,

Welcome to another feature brought to you by WriteRoomies. The following are deviations submitted to us in the month of October. Next month is November, the month of Novel Writing and Thanksgiving. We're starting this holiday season off with some awesome deviations. Check them out.

flowers that wither in springdear lover,
you bleached my heart
and made it pure again
with words painted in
i feel like i've never
been so happy in my
entire life
dear darling,
i didn't do anything: you
did it all to me and i
suppose that we're meant
for each other, we bleed
the same blood and
breathe the uniform air
but we make it mean something
dear lover,
i want to run away
with you, no matter
what it takes—
i want to marry you
and run out of pages
in my passport with
you, i want to travel
everywhere and anywhere
on this blue planet with
you, even when the universe
and we're
honderd achtendertigi made a(nother) mistake
and the walls are closing
in on me; i feel disgusting
because i ate too much again
and i hate the way that my
body looks
                       [am i good enough?
            is it okay for me to
                   b r    e                        a       k
                    out of my shell?]
i don't know what
i'm saying anymore and
i just need the affection,
the lustful attention, hands
licking against shoulders and
the whole thing falling apart
in a cascade of secrets never
hide and never come back,
run to a galaxy far away
(they'll never catch you
in space)
10(2a + 38)/20 = 36
it's mocking me
2 and "a" are in a relationship,
but the variable's cheating with
10; 38 is a bystande
QuillsI sensed a tinge upon the page
Phoenix feathers scarlet lie
Again, I feel the edge of word
Meaning, just the day come by
I felt the fringe of paper birds
Spread their flocks in singing call
Then, would I amend to read
Again, what I had said set fly
While looking through the chapter arc
Shivers from the cold of blank
Again, I feel the edge of world
Now, when I can turn my thanks
While racked by falling armour flakes
Having read beyond their ways
As I, afraid to lose my word
Again, have lost the point of phrase
I played my fingers without care
Saying things I put to rest
Again, my mane of soaring shards
Bed, and leave their slumber set
Phoenix feathers redden ink
Stories never shed their wings
As I, would like the time to make
My final thoughts on flying things

Submitted by: DalekCaanII + Monocephalized

The Story GroveThe wind rushed behind him as he wound up a swing.
In this land there were trees.
The wind was cut as the axe flew forward.
In the trees there were stories.
The pop echoed through the forest as the axe cracked into the wood.
No one knew where the stories came from but they learned how to collect them.
By chopping them down.
First they learned that the words of the stories were written in small parts throughout the trunk. So they would slice the wood into thin pages, only keeping the pieces with the words on them. Then they would bind those thin sheets between two bricks of bark and that was how they made their books. They then quickly figured out what types of tales came from what types of trees. The larger the tree, the longer the story and sometimes the more developed it was. Some of the first few stories they chopped down were still too young. There were sheets missing, areas where the words trailed into dead ends, and many, many incomplete stories. But there were also smaller trees
BV31 Planet Raid
Mera's here for some reason. She hardly gives me any time to get settled in.
Before she says anything, I start off, “Again? Look, I done told you. Nobody knows.”
She asked me to keep her secret. I done already forgot what that secret was. I really don't care. There're way more important things on my mind.
“I understand. I trust you,” she responds all hesitant like. “It's just,” she takes a pause, checks to see if the door closed behind her—darn this lady for bein' in my room right now—then continues. “I've never had anyone to talk to about this.”
“Okay?” I respond.
She clears her throat. “I know you don't understand,” Her voice softens, “but could you at least listen? I just need—I could really use—a wall right now.”
A wall? A wall? Don't you got four of those in your room? I bet it's a lot more space there, too. C'mon now. Why does she need this now? W
The Reader: Chapter 1
Some people believe in the supernatural. Not the kind of supernatural that portrays ridiculously gorgeous vampires flaunting off sparkly abs and melodramatic angst, nor the kind that enhances grotesque monstrosities harboring ravenous appetites for blood lust and innocent children. They believe in the unique, in the peculiar characteristics within individuality. They believe in a whole wide spectrum of legends and impossible possibilities and mystical existences, all of which are not known in fear of being captured by the scrutinizing eyes of society. 
     But Chase doesn't.
     He doesn't bother to acknowledge the preposterous and supernatural. He deems such fantastical theories as exaggerated and sugar-coated deliriums. Having maintained the strict mindset of a fun-spoiling realist since early childhood, he refuses to think outside of his head. 
     That is, until he witnesses Meg Jefferson, an honors roll student, eating a bo

Submitted by: the3Ss, NeoPaladinOfLight + Icecreamskittles291

Thank you for contributing to our group and allowing us to enjoy your deviations.
Any questions, comments or suggestions about the monthly group features? Comment below.

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