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WriteRoomies is a Literature Group that embraces all forms of the written word with no particular focus in any one area.

The chatroom #WriteRoom and it's subsequent group WriteRoomies were both founded by aughters, formerly incluye. Though he is no longer with us, his Literature Chat and Group Legacy live on with the aid of the Administrators and Moderators.
Founded 4 Years ago
Oct 1, 2010


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1,555 Members
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Hello again members,

Taking a moment to spotlight a few deviations submitted to WriteRoomies in the month of February. Seeing quite a bit more submissions in general. Very exciting. Keep it up everyone, and well done!

Human     Flesh and Blood.
     Rhythmic Heart.
     Emotions that
     Tear her apart.
     She's human.
     Only human.
     Colorful imagination
     Soaked in the 
     Cynical thoughts
     Of the past.
     He's human.
     Only human.
     Scarred wrists
     That are healing
     Little by little
     With the help of love.
     She's human.
     Only human.
     Lanky stature
     That he cannot control.
     High-pitched voice,
     That people misunderstand.
      He's human.
      Only human.
     Mesmerizing smiles
     That wer
& Six Word Stories~She's far stronger than you think.
I love you: three deadly words.
Be careful; she's a delicate butterfly.
Can't the peace overcome the hate?
You and I, we are perfect.
 His lips are warm, for now.
Hold me until dawn's subtle light.
He's rare, don't loosen your grip.
Your lethal words aren't welcome here.
 You mean the world to her.
Use more tact the next time.
His heart is torn to pieces.
You only gave her shattered glass.
He had my heart held captive.

Contributed by: VioletRogue

Blank Spaces"I can't love you. You were born from a strand of starlight. My soul was carved out of the millions of miles in-between each one. We'll never reach each other. I'm just a blank space."
"But my dear, we are both from the same night." 

Contributed by: brownhairedmaiden

Valentine's Day
Chocolates and roses
It is overrated, right?
I do not agree.
You see,
Valentine's Day is a day
Where you can love yourself
You don't require a "bae".
If you are single
For this pink and heart-filled day
I want you to know...
To the girls that are alone,
You are beautiful
and you should never look down
I am being 100% truthful
You are perfect just
the way you are, my dear friend 
So do not worry...
To the boys who feel they will never be loved,
You definitely can and will be 
so stand tall, stay strong, and keep being handsome
a girl someday will agree
keep that candle of
yours burning, embrace its warmth
that warmth is special
"I love you"
is a phrase not so simply said, it takes time
so if you think no one loves you
you likely will not die unwed
But in case you feel
Alone on this Valentine's
I would like to ask...
"Will you be my Valentine?"
I won't stop asking until the day is done
I will ask family, friends, every person...
I want many Valentines, not just one
All you have

Contributed by: Bubblemints

cluttered soulsit is so easy to become intoxicated in failure when everyone you love has become nothing more than a mound of bones.
he's dead,
you're dead,
she's dead,
i'm dead.
i've a test tomorrow on adjectives in a language i appear to understand;
i'm beating myself over the head because i don't want to study,
though all i do is worry that i'm not going to pass.
everyone hates me because no matter how difficult the questions are, i always come out with a ninety percent.
i keep messaging you with internet hugs and showering you with gifts of sorts:
ranging from poetry to portraits;
did she steal your ipod too?
and i'm afraid of everything and anything,
even my own dreams-
his ears were severed and blood was pouring from the holes;
he was clenching a cleaver and he was coming for me, i swear;
he punched me and it felt like knives;
and when i woke up, i could still feel him.

i'm running out of good ideas to publish;
i'm worth three stars, no matter how much of others' s

Contributed by: DalekCaanII

Thank you for contributing to our group and allowing us to enjoy your deviations.
Any questions, comments or suggestions about the monthly group features? Comment below.
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