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WriteRoomies is a Literature Group that embraces all forms of the written word with no particular focus in any one area.

The chatroom #WriteRoom and it's subsequent group WriteRoomies were both founded by aughters, formerly incluye. Though he is no longer with us, his Literature Chat and Group Legacy live on with the aid of the Administrators and Moderators.
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Oct 1, 2010


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Happy New Year Members,

This entry marks a whole year that we've been featuring deviations submitted to the group on a mostly monthly basis! So happy birthday to the WriteRoomies Monthly Features. Let us know if you like these features, if you want us to continue to write them each month, or if you could care less. Your input is valuable. :stare:

On with the feature:

Part fourteen: Blood, Ascension, The OverlordHe knelt near the edge of cosmic darkness, as if before a king, no, he was a king, as if before an emperor. He removed his crown. Why should a king remove his crown? It was a high crown, an ancient diadem kept by a purer magic. I felt it, my opened heart felt it, there was an older power here...
...something whispered, something stirred, a breadth, a summons, that opened an anomalous link to that which had not been called in a tomb keeper's aeon. It became soon a gyre of voices about the crown. They spiraled out and filled me with an inhuman melody that made my body became unbound, I was afloat upon the waves of its symphony, music rose to an apogee...of unheard sounds...holding within them, all the sorceries of time, the transcendent known and the involuted forgotten...this was an older power...
"No, soul bearer."
It came as a sharp undertone. The Lich King stood. It unfurled like the clearing of mists in my mind's eye, his vatic whisper:
"This is an elder power!"
N37 Worldstar
Back in the halls again. Kai took off t'do somethin' that I don't care about, an' I haven't touched base with Noah yet. So it's jus' me. And me. Who are you? Deep down, you know. Deep down, I think I'm too young t'be hearin' voices in my head.
It's been quiet. An' it's dat quiet that worries me. The same people, runnin' through da same thangs, jus' tryna get by. Children of all high school ages are found by their lockers or by the restrooms. Some are rushing to get to their next class. Others are not.
Don't get it twisted, doe. It's as loud as an ancient comic-con up in dis piece. Kids always be actin' like wild animals when they gatha. School ain't no different. Sho' a few good teachers be knowin' how t'keep the noise level in line in class. They know jus' the right words, the right threats, the right enticements t'get us ready t'learn, or at least front like it.
But it's a different story out in the halls. Out in these
The SkawlThey speak of a creature.
Who does?
Hush, child. You asked for a story; I seek your well-being. This will fit both purposes.
But who says it?
I do. Now be silent, and listen.
They speak of a creature. Out in the ocean of sand, there lives a creature called the Skawl. It is a thing of silence and then sudden noise, or blindness and stumbling and then pain, and silence forever after.
What does it look like?
Only a few know. The ones who have seen it and live tell tales of a creature, brown and red like the sand itself, arms all along its body in a spiral from its head. It swims through sand as easily as a fish swims through water or a bird sails through the air, digging, twisting, and lying still.
Why do only a few know, though?
Why else? Where do you think those who vanish from the village and into the sand ocean go?
My mother told me… she said they go to find oases, pools of cold water that bubble from the ground and grow fruit trees bes-
They die, child. Taken. Taken by the Skaw

Contributed by: michaelhardcore13, NeoPaladinOfLight + OnLinedPaper

sugar.the air scented like strawberries
and your eyes as wide as cherries
my pulse racing as you saunter
so freely past fields of daisies
into my arms and on my lips
is where i know warmth resides—be
it in your garden or your heart
heat rises without single thought
In GrowingPeople change, and so did I
I once saw dark,
Must’ve been blind
Because all around me,
There is light
And suddenly,
I know why –
I was afraid and I was alone,
I felt the cold down in my bones,
But then you took my wrist and ran
Through the seas and across the land
I tried to fight you and hold to anger,
But you only laughed in good nature
And finally when my legs gave way,
And I couldn’t see despite the day,
You smiled kindly down at me,
And touched me lightly on the cheek,
You lay beside me and you said,
Look, love, there’s light up ahead.
My rage came in imploding waves
Swell, up, up, up, subsume
Scream, scream, scream inside
Screams that I would not show you.
The quiet came a little slow,
Fear, pain, ache, let go
Realization I’m no longer alone
And then I saw you from far below.
I see the gold for what it is,
I cringe at the dark I had become.
I sit in silence and simply exist –
With my friends, I have enough.
Beauty is revealed i
Look Back, Let Go (New Year)Let’s say HELLO to the return of the greats
who suffer NO SLEEP for the effort of
those that are a WIZ at what they do,
looking back on this EMPIRE of achievements.
I’ll look at the world of BLACKS and BLUES,
WHITES and GOLDS and the lasting ability
to CALL ME whatever I want, to unite with everyone,
for LOVE WINS above all, not hate.
Acceptance is key as we see fellow people,
REFUGEES running, from a once-known home,
and we must PRAY FOR them and welcome them in,
though this pain we all feel HAS NO RELIGION.
Here’s to not giving a RAT’S ass about our image
and seeing the line between ourselves and confidence,
and loving ourselves INSIDE and OUT.
Though we must FORCE ourselves to accept
the negativity seeming to TRUMP the good at times,
lingering one or FIVE NIGHTS in our minds, we need to
discover ways to improve the world and JUST DO IT.
For little things can be BIGGER THAN PERCEIVED
so know all our LIVES MATTER, and we

Contributed by: brennenxr, PoeticEden + TheMagnificentMorado

Burning WaxFrom creases in feathers
Numb peaces in pleasures
Haue gavel and gravel undertow
And peaches in peppers
Come preaches in stoppers
With banging pits of wax moth parts
In buckles of castles
Tall clanging of tassels
Haue breathing down beating kneader bow
And speckles in letters
And wrinkles in betters
Place ranging shots on fall leaf’s hearts
Have nilling to amber
Teas swilling their number
Haue instance from constant hemispheres
Add creatures their shackles
And spelling its hackles
Make bottles rung of burning barks
From hutches swell vinum
On crutches of venom
Haue watching with the bleeding remote
From wresting clear houses
And listing fair courses
So that wherever never bleaks
ThumbprintsThimbles slovenly
Rhomboid openly
Cursors wanting and fingers tokening
Latches specialize
Pieces fantasize
Scattered longing with endless compromise
Tension suffocate
Resent palisade
Nurture replicate
Junction topic bade
Mooring transient
Vertex sentient
Crushes homeward as flashes sterilize
Rapport supplicate
Numbers overlaid
Somewhere fervent to first, rationalize

Contributed by: Monocephalized

Thank you for contributing to our group and allowing us to enjoy your deviations.
Any questions, comments or suggestions about the monthly group features? Comment below.

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