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WriteRoomies is a Literature Group that embraces all forms of the written word with no particular focus in any one area.

The chatroom #WriteRoom and it's subsequent group WriteRoomies were both founded by aughters, formerly incluye. Though he is no longer with us, his Literature Chat and Group Legacy live on with the aid of the Administrators and Moderators.
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Oct 1, 2010


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Hello Members,

It's the end of April, NaPoWriMo and CampNaNo; and this month's submissions were all super awesome! There weren't as many submissions as I thought there'd be, you know, because of na-po and camp nano, but what was submitted was very impressive.
There are a few repeat offenders- I mean contributors- if you've been keeping up with the spotlights through out these last few months. What can I say? You keep submitting, I'll keep reading. Alright, kids, I'll stop wasting your time and give up the goods.

In the Prose Corner!

Baptism I wish I lived by the sea.
 Mainly because of its intimidating beauty and the tremendous fear it sparks inside of me. The sound of the crashing waves, smooth and powerful alike, eating away at the sandy shore, makes my stomach cringe. But I understand now, things that hurt us, that have the potential to crush us, to kill us, fascinate us. The wind here still carries whispers of those who've given in to its mystical lullaby. That's why they worshiped it, personified it. Called it a God by various names. But maybe it's just me. 
 Maybe I'm self-destructive.
 And maybe I love the sea because it reminds me of your eyes during the cold winters. Dark grey, vibrating with veiny streaks of green like the murky water when thin, golden rays seep through the air and the heavy clouds split open revealing a belly of silvery needles.
 Needles. Purple bruises and scars that make my arms ugly and alone.
 The sea brings back memories from the deep and washes away the
In the Middle
They decided to meet half way. Each of them would drive four hours which would put them in a town called Perth. Neither of them had been to this Perth, population 500 according to Wikipedia, nor had they any reason to. In his 25 years, the farthest from home Pete had been was 200 miles. This trip was for a high school football playoff game. The excitement had built up to a fever all season ended in an instant with a fourth quarter fumble. Then there was the seemingly endless bus ride back to school. In her 22 years, the farthest Katie traveled was two towns over to the county seat to the hospital where she was born and had her appendix removed. The last time she was at that hospital she gave birth to her own daughter. The joy was tempered with the feeling she hadn’t and worse, wouldn’t go anywhere else with her life. Pete hadn’t had that moment yet but he too felt trapped in his small town.
Pete had a reputation in his town. He was that weird guy that kept to himself
Part Nine: Bridge to the seventh Eden.The eyes of a demon were obsidian formed when an eternal flame was frozen in timeless shadow, a mirror to reflect perdurable horror. My horror. I saw within its eyes, the icy blue glow of mine. My wings grew limped as it pulled out its sword and my blood poured forth like liquid sapphire as lucid as the Aegean sea. He flung me through the gate. My body crashed into the bridge leading to the final Edenia ring. 
It was bloodshed from brutality raged between angels and demons, war between these divine beings and abominable things. The bridge shook and the sky flashed and burned as the havoc and massacre ensued. The other gate was not far, I dragged myself over the fallen trying to reach it. Suddenly, I felt the remnant light within me vibrated as an explosion erupted from the gate followed by a shower of bodies, demons and men! A silhouette moved in the haze. His face broke through the smog like a pale moon. He carried a light in his hands, fear in his sweat, blood in his footsteps,

Contributed by: necropoetus, CutToTheSex and michaelhardcore13

In the Poetry Corner!

Mountain VineFelt the closeness of your form
I held against the bells
That chimed with voices spectral like
Like pennies down a well
Shivers in my bones and brain
A mask to our last gaze
Together as long as I can best
The payment for the space
A warm and placid teary eye
Look cross the dark and into mine
And said over the towering chaos rhythm
Let me go
Roots taste bloody open sky
As seeds scatter away
To flee their dying parent just
Before they farewell say
A world where generations fly
Too far for names to mean
A smile and dancing spending of
The monies that we keep
I stood against this storm of black
A void I tried to hold you back
But underneath my tears I heard your rhythm
Let me go
Let me go
Let me go
Penetrate a rocky heart
Wrapt the mountainside
With love like green and growing bonds
To colour what I find
The gap between us made me know
The you already let me go
But where I was was right to hear you rhythm
Let me go
Let me go
Let me go
MarathonYou surprised me over the weekend,
sweeping me into your arms
after a drowsy afternoon's love-making,
whispering for me not to shower,
to put on as little as possible;
"we're going for a drive."
One rush after another, the adventure
of sounds and smells, and penetration
of senses realized whenever I let go
to your kink, to be guided, to let you lead,
on the edge of your buzz as you
take me from place to place, reliving
each act from motels, cafes and truck stop;
my body turning yours into a tuning fork,
vibrating in the false light of neon.
Divine GameTwo figures
hunched over a game
“so higgledy piggledy aren’t they?”
one asked, knocking over
a piece on their board
absent mindedly.
crooked, chipped pieces
from years of play
placed around
by two
who did not know the game
just moving
just changing
just to see what would happen
out of curiosity
out of ignorance
out of boredom.
the Gods play us
and we intrigue them.

Contributed by: Monocephalized, jade-pandora and gonegal

SometimesI sometimes wonder how it feels
to those who drink or smoke their worries
I sometimes wonder if there's a bliss there
in the static of drunkenness or the smooth smoke burn
Sometimes I want to paint a picture with a vicious brush
but then again I'm not an artist, so I don't take the handle
Sometimes I remember back to that cold November
Twenty-ten, on the cold sidewalk where I hugged that friend
Promised to stay healthy and keep my thoughts clean
'cause he thought me a sister, though that time's gone
Sometimes I wonder how short my life would be if
only if I hadn't hugged him and promised it away on vapor-colored words
I wonder sometimes if I should be thankful for it
or if I still live in chains tightening with it 'cause I can't
So sometimes I sit in the static buzz in my head
whilst others smoke, drink, scream to my left or my right
Sometimes I wish I never made that promi
Black Cat Amber EyeBlack coat with silken hair,
The eyes bright and young in years.
But what this glance is saying
Is as old as the world.
The eyes almost closed,
Snuggled and silent dreaming,
She lies like spilled –
Inwards restless, exuberant.
Stretched out peaceful and easy –
Gentle soul, full of happiness.
I ask myself what she might intend
By her soft glance?
Often, she lies around sleeping
And after a while, she opens
The little mouth and bends the back.
But everything without haste.
Then, when she starts to rub gently
Around my legs, purring –
It is only up to her
When she moves my heart.
When I take her in my arms
And look into her amber eyes,
How my heart warms up
And help me to believe in the good.
Black coat with silken hair,
On velvety paws slightly –
We walk together year for year
Until our journey will have come to an end.
And when once you will leave me, my purring companion,
So, I cover you tenderly with love.
And I think of you fondly what enlightens my spirit:
You taught me that impossible is nothing
You taught me the difference between right and wrong
You taught me that one man can change the world
You taught me that I don't always need to be the hero
You taught me to be proud, though not to a fault unlike someone else you know
You taught me that there's always someone stronger out there
You taught me to live free, with no ceilings and no gravity
You taught me that nothing can stop me, not even death
You taught me that love always shines every time
You taught me to be happy and smile, even in the darkest of times
You taught me that honesty is the only option
You taught me not to fear fear
You taught me to embrace my imperfections (as blessings)
You taught me that blood doesn't make family, family makes family
You taught me that family matters, not size
You taught me that heart beats brains every time
You taught me that if I can dream I can fly
You taught me that I can be anything: a world champion, a super saiyan, and even a god
You taught

Contributed by: BlueBlueFox, Malintra-Shadowmoon and justakid93

4-17-15in a world of pastels
and dollhouses with little
frills and white lace around
the neck of my baby blue dress
(fine, pink)
piano keys will softly play for
you as i smile at the imperfect
perfections lining your stardust
posture and the galaxy hidden
behind your eyes; you named each
and every planet after me, with
glimmers in your smirk, buying
constellations with everything
you have in your possession.
4-22-15being in love made
me sick; it prepared me for death,
for coughing up my organs and watching
their fluids flush down the drain; i
felt artificial-
(i'm not built for
happiness, i'm titanium and i'm at
my melting point)
Contributed by: DalekCaanII and PinkyMcCoversong

Thank you for contributing to our group and allowing us to enjoy your deviations.
Any questions, comments or suggestions about the monthly group features? Comment below.

And don't forget May 10th is Mother's Day!
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